a well kept secret

Not many people have heard of these to be honest, but that's why they're such a well kept secret. These ceremonies are WONDERFUL!


Here's the thing...naming ceremonies can cover SO many different types of naming a person, such as:

- Baby naming ceremony

- Name change ceremony...perhaps a surname change by deed poll

- Name change for Trans people

- Adoption name changes

The options really are broad and pretty endless.

The most popular kind of naming ceremony, in my experience at least, is a naming ceremony for children. 

A naming ceremony is a great way to celebrate the birth of a new baby or to welcome an adopted child or step-children into your family and wider community.


Many families choose to hold a naming ceremony to celebrate their child’s arrival. 

It brings together family and friends to celebrate the role they each will play in the life of a child. For older children, a ceremony can be seen as a rite of passage and a day of celebration.

You can invite friends and relatives to become Guideparents/Life Mentors, and to make individual promises to your child.


There is no age limit so older children can be included in the same ceremony.

Should you want them, there are SO many different elements to put into a naming ceremony. For example, a time capsule, a sand ceremony and even Tree Planting. 


all starting at just £400



Initial Meeting

We can do this wherever you like. Your home, we could go for a walk or just a nice easy video call. Totally up to you. You can then talk through any initial ideas you have for your ceremony. I’ll also need to get some information about you as a family to get started writing your initial draft script.


Support & help to write your own promises

For lots of naming ceremonies, the parents and guide parents (also can be known as Fairly-Odd Parents, Life Mentors etc) repeat some promises for the person being named.  Simple formulas make for nice, easy work, so we can write these together to make them just right.


Unlimited help choosing poems and readings etc.

You’d think this would be the easy bit with all all the access to the internet, right? Wrong! Theres so much to choose from it can sometimes be just a bit overwhelming. Thing is, a lot of the ones you find first off on search engines are just a bit overdone.  Let me help you with some carefully selected ones I think would work for you.


Unlimited email & phone contact 

It’s rare that my phone isn’t in my pocket (unless I’m at a ceremony that is). You can literally call, email or text me anytime of day, right up to the day of the ceremony and I’ll be there to help you with anything you might need.


Writing your bespoke ceremony - unlimited revisions and edits

After all, it’s your day and we’re both going to want to ensure it’s perfect! If it takes 10 times to make sure it’s how you want it, then so be it. However, after the chats we have, I’m hoping to get a pretty good grasp of who you are!


Exclusive booking all day

I'm literally all yours for as long as you need me. I get it, sometimes things take longer than anticipated. So, to get rid of any unnecessary blunders, I’m there for you! You’ve got me from 90 minutes before the ceremony even starts!


Full co-ordination with your other suppliers 

You’ve got other things to think about, let me do the hard work for you.


Full briefing of those involved 

Anybody participating in the ceremony will be fully briefed on what they need to do prior to the ceremony. We can arrange a rehearsal if you want, although it isn't totally necessary.


Greeting your guests 

I’ll greet your guests, show them to their seats and get this day started! Simple! 


Sound check

Let’s not have any loud feedback screams from the speakers. It’s a bit of a mood killer.


If I need to use my sound system (although pretty unlikely...if you know, you know), it’ll be fully tried and tested long before the ceremony begins.


Delivery of the ceremony

The important part. You know the score here, we’ve discussed it for months prior.



Keepsake ceremony script

It’s often nice to look back at your day and remember it for exactly how it was. For that reason I'll give you a fully designed version of it to read whenever you want to.

Ceremony Certificate   

During the ceremony we’ll get a keepsake certificate signed. You’ve done (or will be doing) the legal bit another time, so for now let’s use this as a photo opportunity for you and your chosen life mentors.

It is important to remember that a Celebrant Naming Ceremony has no legal standing, but it is an opportunity for a public gesture of love, support and acknowledgement