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5 Reasons To Use A Celebrant For Your Wedding

Lots of people aren't actually sure what the difference is between having a registrar turn up on your wedding day from the local council, and hiring an independent celebrant. I'd say on average I probably have about 3 phone calls each week just letting people know that much before anything else.

So, let's talk about it! Here are my top 5 reasons to use a celebrant for your wedding! I can promise you, it's a game changer! Once you know about us hidden gems, the wonderful world of wedding ceremonies begins to REALLY broaden!

1 - A Bespoke Ceremony Written Just For You

I want to get to know you as a couple. By spending time with you and finding out all about your relationship (how you met, your hobbies, the proposal and so on) I can create a ceremony that is 100% bespoke to you. Literally nobody will have that ceremony other than yourselves.

Before your big day, I'd like to meet with you a few times, whether that's at a coffee shop, a pub or the ever popular ZOOM, so we can get to know each other, which for me ensures that by the day you're in your wedding attire, I know you like a friend.

The difference between what I do and a council registrar, is that they probably deliver the same wedding ceremony 10 times (total guess work with numbers but let's use it as an example) a month. This is no disrespect or discredit to them because they do a marvellous job. What it hasn't got, however, is personality specific to you.

Even better still (with me at least) is that you're going to have the opportunity for me to do as many drafts as you want to make sure it's right, whether that's 3 or, at an absolute push, 103! Perhaps there are added extras you want in there? Or special symbolic elements that another registrar can't offer? Not a problem. Let's make it happen for you!


2 - Include the Things You Want

This might seem like a given, or so you'd think, but in a lot of ceremonies you're pretty stuck with what you can have. Not the case with a celebrant! Let's talk about as few things you can pop into the ceremony!

  • Couples with mixed heritage, should they want, could have short religious readings as a nod towards each individuals.

  • Poems and readings, literally you can have ANYTHING. I've actually got books worth of them, from every genre I'd say, for couples to look through if they aren't sure or need some inspiration. Heck, we could probably even write one together if you wanted to! Why? BECAUSE YOU CAN (think I've made that pretty clear by now, you'll find this is a recurring theme).

  • Optional beautiful symbolic elements during the ceremony. So many to mention and they all have different meanings! If you want to research a few, my favourites would definitely be:

  • Handfasting - the origin of tying the knot and actually was a part in the wedding of Kate and Wills!

  • First Kiss, Last Kiss - a stunning way to include the mothers of the couple in your ceremony.

  • Jumping the Broom - SO MUCH FUN, really visual and symbolises sweeping away the past and starting a new life!

I could sit here and write all day about things you can include, but as with the rest of the ceremony, it's totally personal to you.


3 - Have The Ceremony Wherever You Want

Are we starting to see a trend? Me too!

A registrar can only marry you in a a premises with a marriage license, in a specific room for marriage. That works for some couples and that's absolutely fine! However, if that just isn't your vibe, then why should you have to settle for somewhere that means nothing to you?

A celebrant wedding means you can choose any room you want, any venue you want, any space you want. You are only limited by imagination which I have bundles of, so even that can be discussed if you need some ideas.

The opportunity of different venues also brings us to the topic of theme! Again, solely limited by your imagination, but if you want to get married in a castle dressed as your all time favourite Disney character then why not! It's your day so let's do you! Likewise, a simple yet beautifully effective boho-style festival wedding in a field full of tipis and a food van is absolutely one of my top choices. If you head to the blog section on my website you'll see a list of my top 5 wedding themes to give you some inspiration. I think I'd draw the line at jumping out of a plane...but to be honest, I'd give most thing a go!


4 - Unlimited Time On The Day

The big day has arrived, and your celebrant should dedicate the whole day to you.

Speaking for myself, I arrive 90 minutes prior to a ceremony and have an entire checklist of things I want to be sure of before the wedding begins, for example:

  • Does the person who you have in charge of the rings, actually have the rings physically with them? You'd be surprised the amount of times they're still upstairs in their hotel room! So that, I'd always check twice, at 90 minutes prior and 30 minutes prior.

  • If I need to use any sound equipment, or anything technical in fact, I'll always check it's functioning first. Nothing ruins a nice romantic moment more than a horrendous screech of feedback from a microphone.

  • Is the room set up just how you wanted it? More often than not the wedding planner has sorted this, but if not I can get that sorted with the venue.

After the ceremony, you've got the option for me to stick around for as long as you need me, even as a toastmaster or MC for your reception.

Another point to talk about would be the time of day of your wedding. A twilight wedding can be absolutely INCREDIBLE, so by using a celebrant they can be available when you require them.

A registrar may have 2 or 3 weddings to do during a day, which can be added pressure if things are running behind. Well LUCKY YOU because I'm all yours, all day! Get rid of any unnecessary stress, and finish that glass of bubbly first!


5 - They Are Fully Committed To Their Profession

As a celebrant I'm not just doing a job and going through the motions of it. I love what I do.

Creating and delivering ceremonies is my business and I am absolutely committed to giving couples the day they've always dreamed of. If you take into account all of the above 4 points, it takes hours of work, reading, writing and research to make everything perfect, so as I'm sure you'll agree it's quite the level of dedication!

It can be a good idea to use one that is part of an organisation, which isn't always displayed on a website or Facebook, so maybe ask first if you're not sure. It is, however, exceptionally important to know they are fully insured so there is absolutely no risk to your big day!


There we have it! 5 reasons you should have a celebrant wedding and it's safe to say I could probably give you more, although I think you get the gist of my point by now. If you didn't get the memo:


***It is important for me to mention here, that a Celebrant Wedding is not legally binding. You'll need to do that bit at a registry office. It's relatively inexpensive and you just need two witnesses to sign the documents. You don't need to dress up for it if you don't want to, with lots of couples choosing to make this quite laid back in jeans and a t-shirt (or jumper depending on time of year). You can do this before or after your ceremony without it affecting anything at all.

Your wedding ceremony guests won't even know any different (unless you tell them of course).***

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