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My 5 Favourite Wedding Themes

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

It’s not uncommon now for people to want something different for their wedding, and with so much inspiration on sites like Instagram and Pinterest then why wouldn’t you?! The world is your oyster (as cliché as that is). Being a celebrant, I’ve seen so many fun ideas at weddings, all of which have been unique and personal to the couple (plus I love doing something a bit niche).

I’m going to share with you my 5 “simple but super effective” wedding themes. HAPPY READING!!


I could just leave this here, what else needs to be said really? I won’t, however, because that doesn’t make for a good read.

These weddings are bright, colourful, laidback, SUPER fun and your guests will never forget it! If you really focus attention on all the small details, these weddings are AMAZING from start to finish. You can have so much fun and really let your ideas run wild. Think street food, live music, outdoor games, the works!

Before I get too excited about this, let’s start at the beginning. SAVE THE DATES. There are some incredible ideas for this. I’ve seen some guests arrive with festival style tickets which is a nice little nod. Some couples like to send out personalised reusable drinks cups to bring along with you. My favourite idea I’ve ever seen is all guests have a wrist band that they must wear, which is personalised to your wedding, perhaps even home made if you’re feeling crafty!

Now, the venue. You’ll want plenty of outdoor space, somewhere you can put up a some bell tents or marquees, so perhaps a farm wedding venue with a field would work best for you? Don’t worry if it’s muddy, stick on some fancy wellies and it all adds to the feel. The more blank the canvas, the more scope for ANYTHING you want.

The ceremony (my bit) can be just as fun! Make sure the celebrant you choose really gets into the feel of what you want and that you’re on exactly the same page. Your consultations will ensure that no detail is missed. Naturally a festival is SO much fun, so you’re going to want your ceremony to match. Make sure it’s light hearted, plenty of guest interaction and try to not make it all very serious! Granted it’s one of the biggest days of your lives, but if you’re going for this theme my guess that I’m sure you’ll agree.

You might want to invest in some great live music, there are plenty of local bands that are AMAZING, so give them a go. If you do your research, most of them have music on YouTube so you can make sure they’re the ones for you. Hire (or bring your own) booze stall, serving all the usual festival tipple like Cider, Pimms and beer. You know the score! You could get a really great food van to come along to serve proper festival food!

And when the day is done? No need for a hotel room! Encourage your guests to camp (or glamp) in the field with you!

Now, after all this is sorted, all you need to think about is your own attire. Think boho dress, flower crowns, loose shirts and shorts, wellies or flip flops (or bare feet weather permitting) and lets get this party started!


I don't mean grass skirts and hula girls...well..unless you want to take it there...I'm talking palm leaves, plenty of botanical decor, shades and some fruity cocktails! Of course!

As nice as a sandy beach and the sea would be incredible, who needs that really? Venues with orangeries and plenty of natural light would be amazing! I've been to one venue in Clitheroe that had 3 walls of glass doors which made the space feel really open an airy.

The decor, you could go for plenty of wooden tables and chairs with tasteful garlands to add some colour. Your table plan could be names of cocktails, colours on a garland, names of shells. So many options! For a centre piece, some couples have kept it simple and just filled some coloured jars with palm leaves, which looks really effective.

The ceremony, should be relaxed and fun, and whilst this is similar to the festival wedding, it should perhaps more intimate. Again, that can be discussed in consultation, so lets just go back to the themes for now.

Food and drinks are probably the easiest to Tropically theme, so don't over think it. Fruity cocktails served in cocktails, miniature umbrellas, sparklers (check with the venue before you start using those). Snacks to serve are another simple option, like some super refreshing watermelons on sticks and ice lollies.

Entertainment ideas are endless, and there are so many ideas on Pinterest which is definitely worth a look. I once was lucky enough to be invited to stay for the whole wedding and the couple had arranged for a guy on a ukulele to do a full 45 minute set and it was just fantastic. Super intimate and made everything feel really chilled out


Whilst some couples go all out Disney Dream Wedding (which, being a total Disney geek, I love), I'm talking about something a bit different.

- Stately home

- Black Tie dress code

- More sparkle on those bridal slippers than you could ever imagine

- String Quartet

Sounds like a bit of me, and sounds like this type of wedding theme is exactly what you need!

So, before we talk food, decor and entertainment, let's talk about the ceremony. It needs to be beautiful and romantic, you should feel like you're the only two people in the room. We can work together to choose some stunning poems and/or readings that sit so comfortably in the ceremony. Your vows, commitments and ring exchange shouldn't leave a dry eye in the house (I'll hold it together and have a tear at the end).

Couples who go for this sort of wedding generally pull out all of the stops! Which is of course fantastic, because then there is no expense spared. Three course meals, champagne towers (decadent yet classy all at once), the most incredible flower arrangements with subtle touches of your chosen wedding colours, grand top table...get the picture?

Bridesmaids and ushers can be dressed beautifully to, without taking any focus from you. Maybe add subtle touches of rose gold to add an extra touch of class. can I forget cake? Stretch to as many tiers as you can, and really focus on details with your cake supplier.

It's hard to describe how the day it should look because I've seen it done so incredibly in so many different ways, it has to be personal to you.

Don't forget about your transport either! Consider a stretch limo, or go full out with feeling and get a horse and carriage.

Lastly, it's your wedding day and you want to feel like royalty, so make sure you treat yourself to a venue that has an 👏🏻AMAZING👏🏻 bridal suite!


This wedding theme lends itself perfectly to a barn wedding venue, with big oak beams, string lights, mason jars, everything to make it feel beautifully homely.

As you may have guessed by now, a LOVE a wedding cake. At a rustic wedding, I absolutely love the trend that is a naked wedding cake, decorated with sprigs of dried (or fresh, either works stunningly) flowers. You could even incorporate these flowers into your table dressings and even your wedding hair, to keep the theme congruent through the day.

The groom (and groomsmen if you have them) normally wear something rustic to, perhaps some tweed or suits that are a nice brown hue. Is it likely to be a warm day? No problem, save the uncomfortable over heating, pop on some smart sand coloured chinos, a crisp white shirt, some loafers and braces and VOILA! They'll look dapper! Your bridal dress is not course your choice, in my experience of rustic weddings, brides go for a relaxed bo-ho dress with plenty of lace.

You can guarantee to become slightly obsessed with the details. Candles, roses, jars, string lights and so on are great, but one thing that has so many great uses is Log Slices! What you can't use a log slice for isn't worth knowing! You could always consider the following:

- Ring bearer pillow alternative

- Place names

- Table planner with names etched on

- A cake stand (there's the cake mentioned AGAIN)

With all of this in mind, I think the main thing for a rustic wedding is to not overthink it. Less is more.


Lastly, but by no means least, the super-creative Travel themed wedding. Perhaps you and your partner share a passion and hobby of travelling the globe? After all, as Saint Augustine once said "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page". Or maybe you're from different countries. This theme is a gorgeous nod to whichever reason you choose.

The last wedding I went to which used this theme was absolutely spectacular. The couple decided to place signs around, which showed how far some guests had travelled which was lovely because it made the guests feel really included.

They had a really fantastic idea to replace a guest book. They had managed to get a large globe (similar to this one), which each guest was able to leave a short message of love with a marker pen. Another couple had got a selection of postcards of places they'd travelled (or wanted to visit) and guests could write on them and put them in a beautifully made red post box.

You can get really creative with your invitation ideas as well, maybe getting some boarding passes printed up with all the relevant details, or even some pretend passports if you really want to go all out!

I'd say the table plan is the easiest to do, with each table being a name of a place that you've visited, with each table being subtly themed to that place. You could stick to a colour scheme for all tables but just with different dressings.

In the ceremony, make sure you speak with your celebrant about mentioning any places you've been that are special to you. Did you get engaged in a different country? This can all be part and parcel of your bespoke ceremony.

My words of wisdom

All of the above are just a handful of incredible wedding day ideas, but there are so many more. All it takes is the smallest amount of research and you'll find that the sky is your limit.

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