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Quick-Fire Top 10 Instrumental Covers of Songs

Why? Because sometimes we just need something ambient, without the lyrics throughout! So here we go! You can find the majority of these on Streaming platforms (or in case number one, a sneaky little trip to The Blackpool Tower)

  1. Shotgun - Originally by George Ezra, although covered INCREDIBLY on the World Famous Tower Ballroom Wurlitzer! Honestly, when you've heard this version you can't ever forget it! Unfortunately can't find it online anywhere, so it's every good reason for you to come visit the sunny seaside resort up in T'North.

  2. One of my favourite songs EVER...A Thousand Years - Originally by Christina Perri, covered by The Piano Guys. Again, I loved it already but when it's done just on the piano...OBSESSED!

  3. Are you a BELIEBER? If not, you will be after this BANGER of a cover version of Despacito by Peter Bence, and 52M other people seemingly would agree! Came across this absolute treat on YouTube, and I can't help but have it on in the garden when the suns shining.

  4. In the mood to chill? This one was inspired by a beautiful friend of mine (Hi Rachael) who loves Harry Styles more than anything else in the world. Watermelon Sugar is a chill out classic anyway, but this version on Spotify is AWESOME

  5. In 1973, Stevie Wonder released another absolute gem of a song "You Are The Sunshine of My Life". Know the one? Well, Fast forward to 2009, an artist named Pete Huttlinger did an acoustic version which melts me! Here it is: Which brings me to the next track on the same album...

  6. ..."Isn't She Lovely". I urge you to listen to this cover! It's incredible. Enough said.

  7. Now, some of you might be feeling a bit sassy! Naturally! We love sass! So Check out this violin/cello/bass cover version of "Bad Guy" originally by Billie Eilish.

  8. "7 Rings" by Ariana Grande. On a violin. Beautifully merged with "God is a Woman". Just watch. You'll know where I'm at with it.

  9. If you love The Greatest Showman, you'll love this version of "Rewrite the Stars"

  10. And finally, another one of my absolute FAVS is "2002" by the absolute DREAM that is Anne-Marie. I'll just leave this here!

I tried to be quick..but honestly I could talk about instrumental covers for days! These are just 10 that I love, but I could so easily find at least another 10 that I could just sit and listen to all day long! I hope you enjoy them all as much as I did!


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