Time to say I do!

Grab hold of the rule book and pop it in the bin. 


Having a celebrant wedding literally opens all the doors. The venue you chose to get married in doesn't even need a wedding license.


As for the ceremony content, there is so much we can do! Let your creativity flow and we'll make something so special!


You can add readings, poetry and songs into your ceremony, I've got plenty of examples if you get stuck for inspiration.


Some couples like to add extras in to the ceremony. There are a few really cool ideas you could chose from, but some example are elements such as Handfasting, Candle lighting and Sand Blending. These are becoming increasingly more popular as they offer a unique visual of the coming together of two individual people. So many options, but we can discuss these over a coffee (or preferred drink of choice). 

Prior to any meetings, we'll have a totally free no obligation chat via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime for up to 30 minutes. Once you've decided if I'm the right guy for you, then it's time to get things moving!

Here's how we roll...



Initial Meeting

We can do this wherever you like. Your home, a venue, the local boozer, or video call. Totally up to you. You can then talk through any initial ideas you have for your ceremony. I’ll also need to get some information about you as a couple to get started writing your initial draft script.


Support & help to write your own vows

Are you a person of few words? Or just not quite sure how to ‘put it into words’. Don’t stress, let me help you! Simple formulas make for nice, easy work. Or I can do them for you. Whichever you prefer. 


Unlimited help choosing music, readings etc.

You’d think this would be the easy bit with all all the access to the internet, right? Wrong! Theres so much to choose from it can sometimes be just a bit overwhelming. Let me help you with some carefully selected ones I think would work for you as a couple.


Unlimited email & phone contact 

It’s rare that my phone isn’t in my pocket (unless I’m at a ceremony that is). You can literally call, email or text me anytime of day, right up to the day of your wedding and I’ll be there to help you with anything you might need.


Writing your bespoke ceremony - unlimited revisions and edits

After all, it’s your day and we’re both going to want to ensure it’s perfect! If it takes 10 times to make sure it’s how you want it, then so be it. However, after the chats we have, I’m hoping to get a pretty good grasp of who you are!


Exclusive booking all day

I'm literally all yours for as long as you need me. I get it, sometimes things take longer than anticipated. So, to get rid of any unnecessary blunders, I’m there for you! You’ve got me from 90 minutes before the ceremony even starts!


Full co-ordination with your other wedding suppliers 

You’ve got other things to think about, let me do the hard work for you.


Full briefing of the wedding party 

You’d be surprised the amount of times that the rings have been left in the hotel room upstairs. No biggie, I’ll check 90 minutes before, and double check 30 minutes before. I’ll run through any questions they have and even do a mini rehearsal if needs be. No stones left unturned here.


Greeting your guests 

I’ll greet your guests, show them to their seats and get this day started! Simple! 


Sound check

Let’s not have any loud feedback screams from the speakers. It’s a bit of a mood killer. If I need to use my sound system, it’ll be fully tried and tested long before the ceremony begins.


Delivery of the ceremony

The important part. You know the score here, we’ve discussed it for months prior.


Optional reception hosting duties including announcing speeches, first dance, cake cutting

It’s sometimes just nice to know that even these elements are handled. That way, We know who’s talking and when they’re talking, when you want to have eyes on you for the first dance and when you’re cutting that cake! Who doesn’t love cake?!

Coffee Table
Notebook and Pen
Wedding Ceremony.jpeg
photo of brides
bride and groom


Keepsake ceremony script

It’s often nice to look back at your wedding day and remember it for exactly how it was, so why not keep the script as well to remember those readings and words that are special to you.


Keepsake vow cards or books

I know you’ve probably tried to memorise them, but when things get emosh, that can  quickly muddle things up. Take away that element of potential panic. Send me your vows, I’ll print them onto some quality paper or have them put into a vow book and they’re all yours to read from.

Ceremony Certificate   

During the ceremony we’ll get a keepsake certificate signed. You’ve done (or will be doing) the legal bit with a registrar another time, so for now let’s use this as a photo opportunity for you and your chosen witnesses.

Mallorca wedding

It is important to remember that a Celebrant Wedding is not legally binding, you’ll need to do that bit at a registry office. It’s relatively inexpensive and you can do it before or after the wedding. Your guests won’t know any different (unless you tell them of course).